Within your physical reality many different forms of energy are present, within source energy takes on just one form.

What you see as different forms of energy is in reality source energy programmed to act a certain way, to present itself to you in a certain way.

As we have explained about energy programming in our previous messages, we would like to explain about the alchemical change that is taking place as well.

To come down to earth and enter the human body you have created a long line of energy bodies in many different levels of vibration.

You did not enter the physical body from a source level, you created level after level of each body to finally enter the last levels of the spiritual bodies attached to the physical body.

Today I am here, not with fancy words, but with the intent of giving you something to think about as you are moving upon your earth.

The important word is intent in this message.

It is a word used by many to give an explanation to what they intent, or what you can intent, or what the intention is of others, or yourself.

I am speaking today for all of the Ascended Masters and other beings that are in charge of the ascension process on your planet earth.

The earth itself is going through a major shift at this time and is well on its way to make the step into the 5th dimension in 2012.

This does not mean your planet is going to disappear, there is not going to be a Big Bang or Lights Out for the planet earth.

In this time where information is needed to complete the process of ascension for the earth and all upon her, we wonder why so many of you have not found a way within to find more answers.

We see so many relying upon the information that is coming out, but they are mostly relying upon information that confirms your beliefs at this time. Messages that give you the “feel good” feeling about yourself.

As we are moving close to this date, we would like to share what our vision is of the energies that are being released and what the energy can do for your earth and all beings upon her.

There is so much change happening and this energy on 11-11-11 is something that can assist you in making a huge leap within conscious awareness.

I see all of you thinking, exploring, arguing, discussing and all of it is bringing out much anger, fear, hate, and love.

The world around you is changing and within this change each of you is trying to find answers.

As you are moving into this new year with much new information coming in, I would like to explain that duality within can still prevent you from reaching everything within you.

Look at the above subject of my message.

This is duality, this is where you still find duality.

As we have moved through the shift, even though not noticeable for some, changes have taken place. Many people have told me they feel like the energy of the earth has changed and they feel without any clear direction.

Some are just floating in between and finding it hard to get that inner direction.

It is like we have accomplished something, but now we do not know what the next step is.

Oct 09, 2010

The number 10

Many of the conclusions are connected to this number being important in some way.

It is just a number.

Within the universe this number is connected to the law of 10.

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