This is a difficult question as from a human perspective and understanding you do not differentiate between light and light. Or to me more precise, you see light as light and do not see what or where that light is originated many times.

This meaning that you think light is good, dark is bad. But light is seen through the human perspective, so the moment you see light, colors and more you consider it to be good. This applies to your own light, sunlight and the different varieties of rays and more.

The human reality relies upon good and bad, dark and light. The understanding of duality thinking amongst the human race, but not really understanding that duality thinking is not limited to the human race.

When there are so many messages out there from what you see as aliens or light beings, you can see the duality thinking as a common thread in almost every message out there, including the ones that tell you, you are loved, you are becoming or are beautiful and wonderful beings of light.

By controlling the light you are creating within, darkness appears to illuminate what you are controlling.

Light is something that many see as perfection of who they are, yet perfection is not the light created within that is controlled through the human mind.

This can work both ways, light and dark are seen by many as separate, yet they are both one and the same.

The darkness, the dark night of the soul, the time when the spirits come out to play and can be seen more clearly than within the light.

A subject many will have to think about as you have become the ones supposed to be creating the new world changes.

Why is the dark cabal still in control, or the ones you call the dark cabal.

Many of you have different beliefs, but none of the beliefs you have are in fact threatening to the dark cabal.

As we have spoken about inner and outer reality, many seem to translate this into merging the dark and light within them.

The inner and outer reality contain both dark and light, the merging of the inner and outer reality is different.

There are basically two energies you see present within your reality, the one you can see and the one you mostly cannot see. You call them many times dark and light, yet they are basically the same energy within source, one of them can be seen pretty easily, the other is more hidden.

It is like your universe that is dark but you can see the light of the stars. The stars would represent the light energy, the darkness within your universe is the dark energy. You cannot see it but it is there.

When you look at the darkness within your universe, does it scare you, or do you think it is a negative energy?

If not, then why are you so afraid of the dark, or do not like the dark energy?

After all energy is energy and each particle of energy whether you can see it or not can be used in multiple ways. Good or bad or neutral are the most basic choices.

There are many who think light energy can only be used for good or neutral, yet many out there have been and are using the light energy for their own purpose, yes some a bad purpose in your eyes. There are many teachers out there full of light when you see them, yet the light is meant to lure you in, and the teacher has his or her own purpose of using that light and sometime the purpose is what you would call bad.

Have you ever had the experience of for example going to a teacher or a website and not being able to move away, or to leave as the light keeps you there, mesmerized sometimes?

This is how many out there work to lure people into their work, their teachings or just their energies. When something feels like light it doesn’t necessarily mean it is good. This is also true for some messages out there, sending a lot of light with a message and any feeling of this light with the message, does not mean it is a true message. It is pretty easy to send light, each of you does this in many ways consciously, so if it is easy for you, it is easy for the light to be send with a message.

Many would like to be only light as it is considered to be good.

In their way of thought it means a higher frequency, better, being a better person, a kinder and or loving and or compassionate person.

When you look at your universe, can you see any difference in frequency between the darkness or the parts that appear dark to you and the parts that appear as  light to you?

Is there really a difference?

Each and every day you encounter the cycle of light and dark and in reality within the cycle of dark is when you do much work in the etheric. So why would that dark be a bad energy? In reality it is the darkness that allows the physical body to go to sleep and the spirit to become more present within you.

Within your world the dark energy is present as is the light energy; it is like all the spaces in between the physical objects. You can see the physical objects but you cannot see the air or space around them with the physical eye.  But combined they make up your physical reality.

Within the spiritual reality you see your own being as light and the space around you as in a way dark, you see your own energy as light, yet within the space around you you usually cannot see the energy.

Energy is energy whether you can see it or not, placing energy in boxes, having attachments to good and bad energy, lower and higher frequencies, can limit your exploration of the real use of energy within creation. It can even limit your own being as it is coming into full source.

You have to know and experience every aspect of hate to know and experience every aspect of love. In many ways you have to know every aspect of the bad to know and experience every aspect of the good. Meaning you have to know every aspect of the so called dark energies to know every aspect of the so called light energies to become a full creator within source.

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Welcome, on a day like today when everything sometimes seems a bit darker than usual I would like to give you some light within the darkness.

The universe with all its darkness is brightly filled with stars.

I got this question today and Isis would like to explain about this situation.


“Do you mind if I ask Isis something? It’s in regards to the Ashtar Command and Planet X/Nibiru.

Welcome to our weekly message where we would like to share with you this time some of the feelings we have about the information being released at this time.

It saddens us to see that many seem to take a conglomerate of information out there to misinform many of you.

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