The earth has already made her choice clear to all of you.

She is ascending as you can feel the frequency within her has changed to a higher vibration of energy.

All living creatures upon her, animals, plants, etc., are going with her.

As I explained in previous messages there is a control system that is created within the spiritual world and manifested in the physical world. In the same manner what is created within the physical world has an effect on the spiritual world.

Many that are on earth right now have chosen a learning experience connected to the earth and your universe.

The shift among humans is changing; you can see it all around you.

Many have been called and are just there protesting for a reason they don’t really know.

Many have been called and are answering but get diverted by life.

I am Isis, and I would like to explain what this really means as it seems some have some confusion about this.

Yes we are all made of energy, source energy, so in this way we are all one. As everything is made up of this energy. This includes the earth, your universe and many other universes and beings within those universes.

Each person each souls comes to experience all there is to experience life time after lifetime until they feel they are able to understand all that the earth has to offer.

Each soul comes as a separate being, although might sometimes decide to join a group to experience certain things that can be best experienced as a group as each member of the group will play their own part.

This has always been the purpose of the earth creation.

Has anyone ever thought about what is really needed?

We all think about how we would like to see the world change, and what those changes should or could be.

But have you really thought about what could bring that all into reality without interfering with free will of all humans involved.

With so much to discuss about the 5th dimension I think it is time we actually understand the dimensions.

I am only going to talk about this universe, but I think it applies to other universes as well.

This is the time where many things will start to happen at once.

As your physical body is adjusting you will see more and more spiritual connection within yourself and this connection is to be used for the process that is coming closer at this time.

I'm interested in a few things and the openess of this message made me wonder if I could ask a few questions.

If you (or Isis) wouldn't mind could we have some clarification on what is ascending and to where?

"For those moving into the 5th dimension the changes are taking place on a physical level into a more silicon/crystalline structure."

A week or so ago I got an email from someone asking me about the ascension and the changes. He is a biochemist and asked about what is meant that the structure is changing from carbon based into crystalline based.

He was suggesting that the carbon based structure, is going into a silicon/crystalline structure and this has a higher frequency and is directly beneath Carbon in the periodic table.

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