The 13 Star Gates are physical ascension portals on your planet Earth.

The 13th being the Temple of Nepthys.

It is time to open these gates for you to use at this time.

These gates have been dormant for thousands of years.

The memory of these gates was erased from history.

There will be 12 Star Gates and we will visit the specific places on earth during meditation to connect with each gate.

This is also part of the process of awakening the kundalini of the earth, that is residing in Peru and some of the other surrounding countries. The kundalini will be continuously flowing all over the earth until your planet has reached ascension.

In the year 2009 there will be a special ceremony, where a group of people will represent all 12 tribes. They will come together in the four corners and this is where we finish what we are starting now.

Many of you feel connected to the Sirius Star System.

Many feel connected to Andromeda.

There are many star systems and most of them outside your universe.

Many of you are starting to feel more and more of a connection to Mother Earth.

These Gates, you might have heard about them, are connected to the crystal skulls.

They are also connected in many ways to the 12 tribes and the 12 gates of Jerusalem.

There are 12 physical gates and 12 etheric gates at this time. The physical gates have not been opened yet, but will be before 2012.

Each of the etheric gates is in spirit connected to the energy of the Gates of Jerusalem and one of the tribes.

Soon all places of power will be fully open.

This is what your planet earth has been able to reach with all your help.

Now this doesn’t mean it is all over.

No it is another step of your planet earth toward her ascension.

I would like to provide more information about the 13 Gates.

As many of you may know, these Gates are part of the ascension process.

We have already told you that many have gone through these Gates in previous life times. Most of you up until the 10th Gate.

The process of going through the Gates has been changed for everyone that is physically incarnated on your planet earth at this time.

We are here to tell you about one of the Initiation cycles you and the planet are going through.

The initiations into the 12 Gates.

People have been going through these Gates for many eons, but it would take several lifetimes to even enter one Gate and several lifetimes to work through the Gate itself.

Now time is speeding up and the final Gate, the 13th Gate is almost being re-opened.

Every Gate offers you a view and experience in a Higher Consciousness.

The 13th Gate is the experience of reunion with your Source, your God Self.

Today is one of those days that families come together.

Next year will be the year where more and more spiritual families will come together.

More people will be guided to move to the new energy vortexes that are being opened in your country.

There are 12 new energy vortexes being created right now. These are the places where old Atlantean crystals are being placed in the next couple of months.

This is connected with what we call the 12 tribes of Israel.

Each of these 12 groups is a representation of one of the 12 tribes. Once all 12 tribes are in place the crystals will be ignited and form the Star of David over the United States.

When the Star of David starts burning it will be time for us to come to you in real life.

I greet all of you as I bring you the news of the opening of the 13th Gate.

Not much is known about this Gate at this time, since it has been sealed for more than 25.000 years.

Some people know about the 12 Gates of Jerusalem and the 12 tribes of Israel, they are connected in a spiritual way because the group overseeing this process is also the group overseeing the process of the Gates. We will explain more about them and the connection later.