Sananda, Isis and Melchizedek - The 13 Star Gates - The 13th skull

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The 13 Star Gates are physical ascension portals on your planet Earth.

The 13th being the Temple of Nepthys.

It is time to open these gates for you to use at this time.

These gates have been dormant for thousands of years.

The memory of these gates was erased from history.

The only information about these gates is stored in the 13th skull.

The 13th skull will be activated on Sunday September 28, during the Crystal skull conference in Sedona. The information will be released to those pure of heart and soul.

At the same time the Temple of Nephtys will be opened and secured by the carriers of the 13th skull.

This special activation and opening of the Temple of Nepthys will be felt by all on the planet.

For now, the portal will stay closed but special activations will be conducted to secure this portal in the Temple of Nepthys for mother earth.

All other gates will be opened and secured by those who wish to ascend.

The opening of the other 12 gates requires representatives of all 12 tribes of Israel.

These tribes are spread out over mother earth and each tribe is connected to one portal.

Once all portals are opened there will be a special ceremony to reunite all tribes. From there we will take it one step further and return all tribes to their point of origin, “The 12 gates of Jerusalem.”

Many of you will be asked to be present at these activations, you will feel the call of each tribe in your heart.

Trust that you are supported in this endeavor by all that are on earth and all that are in spirit.

You will travel first in spirit to these portals to open and secure them for all of mankind.       

From there we will visit these portals with you in the physical and us in spirit.

We will meet up with all of you in Jerusalem. Here we will conduct the final activation ceremony that will allow all that have prepared for this to ascend.

Do not be afraid, trust your heart.

We will meet one day, sooner than you think.


These physical places will remain a secret until you are ready for the physical journeys in the year 2009 and 2010.

On October 3rd we will start with opening and securing these Star Gate portals.

There will be assistance of the Masters of Light and the Ashtar command.

Kuthumi has told us we are going to need two groups.

So each group will assist each group will assist in the opening and security of each gate.

When one gate is completed the consciousness and souls part connected to the tribes will be restored and activated.

Each soul one earth has a connection to one specific tribe in spirit.

Each soul also has a lineage on the physical connected to many of the tribes.

You have lived many lives where you were physically born into specific tribes.

All this will be restored unto thee.

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