My Experience At The Sedona Crystal Skull Conference - Adam Kadmon body

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All that have listened to their hearts and are there and are willing to do the work, thank you.

For all that have not listened, to their heart. We have a message.

We know that you are all in a stage of ascension. It does not matter how you got there the path towards ascension is different for all. You all have different ideas about ascension and how you can get there. Just as all have different views about the ascension of mother earth. You are all tapping into different parts of a possible future. This future has been created throughout many dimensions in your time it is still being created. Now this is the part where it becomes important to pay attention. Many people on your planet are doing the preparation work for this creation. Others are just waiting to see what is going to happen. So, while many are doing the work, others are just waiting and wanting to profit from the work. Just think about it and feel in your heart, if this is how you want to create your new world?

In fact, you are not creating your new world. It is simple, either you do the work or you are not going to be in this new world. You have to take responsibility for you. Now here comes the part that many will not like. Yes, love is a very important part in the creation. Compassion is even more important. Yes, you can just fill your being with love and go sit and radiate this love. This is not creating. This is just sitting radiating love.

And yes, it will affect others and to what extent?

You want to be a Master walking the earth?

You will have to do the work. Just sitting and radiating love will not do the work for you. It will help others, but what about you? Does it satisfy you just being love? Not to mention that you are letting others do the work. Does that feel right to you? Do you think you will be included in the new earth this way? The new earth is about creating together. This means you all create, not just a few creating for you. Love is a state of being. It is not where it ends. It is just a beginning. Yes, we know at this point it is hard to imagine a new earth. It is hard to be who you really are and to do what you came here to do. Most of the people are in a phase where they do not know their purpose. Being love is just a beginning of your purpose.


The Co-creative process on manifestation to assist the betterment of mankind.

What is so exciting is that you will be given the tools to create and along with creating comes receiving the end goal of manifestation. And, choosing the first ones to remember these abilities we take great care in choosing because there is great effort on our part as well.

There are resources that are extended from the creational light ships to prepare the human vehicle for the new bodies. This includes removing much of the density from your bodies that you put upon yourself as you descended unto the earth. It is impossible to use the gifts and talents without first dissolving much of the density. There are thought form changes, DNA activations and changes, repair of the major organs in the body that need assistance. There is the requirement of sacrifice, trust, and surrender of the part of the person seeking this new earth. With this new opportunity, you are very carefully selected and chosen and it is your free will and decision making that allows you to catapult forward or not.

During the process, your emotional bodies are cleared out in their entirety to ensure manifestations of negative things cannot come into being. Think about it? No more fear, there is nothing to stop you from reaching your dreams and passions and your life work that fulfills the soul and will assist others. For as you assist other life streams, when they return at the end of their life, that becomes billions and billions of energy that you will be able to use to create new universes.

We have been shown this weekend how quickly silver, yes the metal silver can come into physical manifestation here onto the earth from the etheric. Everything that you need to know will be taught, and everything that you will need to survive will be given. Let’s talk a few moments about what we are really getting ready to embark upon. It has been several thousands of years that an attempt has been made to secure the portals on the earth onto the light. We can guide you, direct you, inspire you and assist you, but it is your soul that must need to remember how important it is under this given moment how important it is to secure the portals unto the light on earth. Because, by securing the portals when they become secure for the light, allow for the next few stages to come into being.

Imagine how quickly we would be able to manifest no war, complete peace and bring true creativity and inspiration from music back to the planet. Imagine our abilities to completely clear all the waterways to remove chemicals from our drinking water based on instant thought. Imagine living in a community where everyone helps everyone else. And everyone is connected to spirit. This is the vision for the 13th tribe. We are the 13th tribe and we are the ones we have been waiting for. There are a few on the planet now that have been activated back to the Adam Kadmon body. What does this mean? In Egypt before the fall, which by the way is not the story of Adam and Eve. The Adam and Eve story was made up as a way to control the people with fear. We manifested everything we needed instantly through asking spirit. And it was given to us tangible, within our hands. There will be a 100th monkey effect. But, not just yet. We are still searching for those that desire through commitment, surrender and trust to assist in co-creation. We have always been interconnected and directed and somewhat managed by many star nations, systems and universes and Amen Ra.

What caused the fall in Egypt and why was the Adam Kadmon body removed?

At that point in time, we did not have the density on earth that we have now manifested from negative thought forms. Those humans physically embodying the Adam kadmon body stopped giving gratitude and thanks to spirit for their manifestations. Without thanks and gratitude to spirit, it was decided by the Star Nations to pull the Adam Kadmon body from those on earth who embodied it and to wait until a particular time on earth for mankind to focus on raising their consciousness level after descending into a greater and greater density. It was the 144,000 flames of God invoked through a human embodying the Adam Kadmon body that parted the Red Sea as the story of parting of the Red Sea is depicted in the Bible.

One story of surrender and trust was told to us by someone at the conference. They did not know it at the time, but they were actually helping Petra and Sherry with some critical anchoring work that needed to take place this weekend in preparation for the opening of the Ascension portals.

At the conference, someone came up to Petra and asked her, “what is your name?” She told me that she knew that I would be at the conference and had read my newsletter. We talked and she told me that the day before, she had been sent to all four vortexes around Sedona, Arizona and one other place called Montezuma Well. She performed meditations and ceremony under the guidance of Mother Earth. She did not know why? She just did what was asked of her. She drove around for over 8 hours. She trusted and surrendered without asking and played a very key role in what we were to do the next day. She cleared our pathway and this is a true example of sacrifice, surrender and trust. Because, believe me it is hot during the day here. There is no shade at those places. And, she worked for 8 hours straight to do all of this for all of us here on earth.

She did not know why she was at the conference and had expected the energies to be greater than they were. Sherry explained there were opposing forces creating the energies to not be at their highest and that we were working on it.

We had been given many tasks to complete and we let Kuthumi know that we could not complete it all and he would have to find someone to do the work that She ended up doing.

But let’ s start at the beginning, you will have to excuse us, both of us have been writing part of this story and we are trying to remember all that happened so it is written sometimes by Sherry and other times by Petra.

We arrived on Thursday September 25, 2008.

Got our rental car and drove to Sedona where we had a place arranged at a friend’s house.

That evening we were told by this friend that we were about to receive some special gifts.

We went into meditation and Sherry was given the first part where we went up through the great central suns all the way to source where we received our first gift, the 144.000 flames of God.

To me it looked like a lotus flower with petals made out of fire.

From there we were taken further and the tree of life was installed in our body. But this was not all, we went up and back between source and our physical body where we received many more of the 144.000 flames of God and we placed them into all our chakras.

Finally, we were told to go up to source one more time. This time we received enough to place the 144.000 flames of God on each branch of the tree of life.

From there we were taken to another planet and we were greeted by Amadeus who instilled the golden Light in and around us.

Then it was time for my part in this.

I was told to that we had to go back to the physical body and from there we went into the earth where we installed and activated the 144.000 flames of God inside the earth.

We went back up and I think that was it for that evening.

After a night of some sleep, we got up the next morning and were told to go to the conference to check in.

We were there around 2 pm after driving up and back down the road because we could not find the correct road. It had a sign but we missed it about 3 times before we finally were able to see it.

We checked in up front and were told Sherry had missed her appointment with the Mitchel Hedges skull.

This was one of the reasons we were sent there and we asked if there was anything that could be done about this.

We were told that the Mitchell Hedges skull was only doing private sessions that day and was completely booked.

Sherry is not one to give up easily, so we asked where the skull was and went there.

The moment we walked up to the house, the caretaker of the skull was standing in the room all by himself, no one there. So we explained to him what had happened.

He told us there was no one there waiting so we could come in and see the skull for ourselves.

The appointment was for Sherry alone, but I was pulled in and we got to see the skull.

Both Sherry and I were sitting on either side of the skull and it was beautiful to say the least.

But for me being connected to the 13th skull, and Sherry who has been in the presence of Sha- Na- Ra, rainbow and Zar, we did not feel anything happening.

We started talking about Sedona and Cathedral rock was mentioned.  Sherry tells Bill, the caretaker, that she had the feeling the three of us needed to do a special activation on a sacred site the next morning. We thought about Cathedral Rock. And he agreed we should take the skull up there and do this activation.

We set the time to leave at after his lecture the next morning.

Sherry and I talked on the way back what was happening and what we needed to do.

One of the things was that we did not feel anything from the skull.

The other thing was that when looking into the eyes of Bill we did not see any light.

Then sherry remembered the friend that had called her about the skull and the grey trying to jump from it into this friend.

In preparation for leaving for the trip to Sedona, Sherry received a phone call from someone that had just attended a weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona where the famous Mitchell Hedges skull was present. Her friend, while viewing the skull, felt a dark grey being trying to enter his body. He had to tell the being to stop. At the time, Sherry felt that something was wrong with the skull and left it at that.

So we knew this was not just and activation, this was part of why we were here.

The Mitchell Hedges skull is one of the most famous skulls and was taken over by the grays, and the caretaker was being controlled by the grays. We had our job cut out for us, but we were ready.

We sat down that Friday evening and wrote down what it was we needed to do.

Certain energies were needed to be able to remove the grays from the skull and the caretaker.

We received the information that it was being controlled by a dark ship. So first thing we did was engulf the skull in the 144.000 flames. So it would be safe until we were ready to secure it unto the light.

From there we asked for a lightship that would be willing to connect with the skull and a being that would be able to assist the caretaker in keeping it safe.

We were told an Arcturian ship would be connected and an Arcturian being would be brought down to assist the caretaker.

And to make it fun for us Kuthumi told us this was a covert operation. He even made this more fun. After we were done discussing all that we needed to do, I went inside to get another drink. Sherry comes running into the house and says, be quiet and come with me. We go outside at the front around the corner and hide in the bushes. Sherry had heard noises while sitting outside and looked over the fence. There was this big truck and it was unloading something.

Kuthumi had made it look like it might be a nuclear warhead or something like that.

I looked at the truck and this man was in there constantly moving something on a pellet. Going up and back in the truck, being very careful not to hit the sides.

It took him at least 5 minutes before he finally got it out of the truck, and this is where we saw that it was just newspapers being delivered. But we had fun and it made us relax.

Petra and I had just been through a most intense week to say the least. They activations upon our physical bodies was so intense that

So the next morning, Saturday, we went to the conference and listened to the lecture of Bill Hoyman, the caretaker of the skull.

After this we met him outside and with 4 other people, that were chosen to be there, we left on our way to cathedral rock.

Sherry and I took our own car; the others were in the car with the skull.

Driving behind them we asked for all the greys to be removed and the skull cleared.

Then we were wondering how this being would be brought to the caretaker.

We found that out soon after that. The being from the arcturian ship came into my body. She was not used to the density and the low level of oxygen here and I had a hard time breathing while she adjusted herself and became adjusted to being in my body.

Once we arrived at the trail, she was, and we got out of the car to go up the trail.

Sherry was flying, the path was clear and she almost ran up that trail. I had a hard time getting up there. The being that I was carrying inside my body had to be prepared to leave my body again and this was done by moving all of me below the throat chakra, the being was staying in my consciousness in and around my head. My throat chakra was almost completely shut off and I had a hard time breathing and of course walking up that trail.

But we got there and got out the skulls and formed a circle around them.

It was time for Sherry to do her meditation.

We were invited again to go beyond the great central suns to source.

For both Sherry and me this is the easy part, but I noticed the other people having a difficult time getting even to the first central sun. So my job was to lift them up and take them to source.

From this point on the activations that we received with the 144.000 flames were gifted to the people that were with us in this sacred ceremony. Then I noticed several helicopters flying over, they were not there when we walked up the trail and were talking and preparing ourselves for this ceremony. So I disconnected the transmission devices in the helicopters and from there I took the whole group into another dimension. Now this is not something I had done before, but having integrated and activated the 144.000 flames inside of me made it easy.

It was about an hour before we were done and during the meditation inside the earth we were told to go through the ruby red flame. I was sitting across from bill and the moment he stepped through this flame he was standing in front of me and I knew it was time for this being to step into him. And she did.

We finished and both Sherry and I could see the difference in the eyes of Bill. There was light in there that we had not seen before.

Walking back two of the people were discussing amongst each other that they noticed a difference in the way they were seeing things, everything was more clear.

Now the 144.000 flames of God are a gift and it is upon the person to activate them and work with them.

We had accomplished our mission.

We were back at the conference at around 1 and got ourselves something to eat.

Feeling there was no need for us to stay we left and started driving back to Sedona, and then through Sedona on our way to get something to eat and find a place that was a bit cooler.

We found a small restaurant and ordered something to eat. Suddenly Sherry jumps up and tells me something landed on her hand under the table.

It looked like silver, liquid silver. Then we see a small gray bug and it lands on one of her shoes.

We look at it and we had never seen anything like it before. It was about an inch long without its antennas, the antennas were as long as the body itself. It was gray, and it did not want to leave the shoe. We asked the waiters if anyone of them had ever seen a bug like it, no one had ever seen it before.

It just manifested itself into our dimension.

That is what they mean by instant manifestation and that it was silver was to let both Sherry and me know that we are taken care of at all times.

We traveled north not knowing exactly where we would end up. We traveled through the countryside of the Flagstaff area, ending up in a great valley overlooking the San Francisco Peaks where the Galactic Kachina and Lady Master Athena greeted us. Sherry had to laugh as she saw where we were. The last big conversation with Athena other than readings for people was that on 7-7-7, she told Sherry that she would go through several months of rejuvenation. It had now been 14 months

We had the feeling to go to lake Mary, so we follow the signs. We end up on a dirt road, and the road seemed to go nowhere.

While driving on the dirt road on our destination to nowhere we joked about several things, we passed a small community that was re-enacting the civil war. This was a message for us. We were reminded of the way people are still keeping the symbolism of war alive in our consciousness. This energy needs to be removed from the DNA level on earth.

The night before, which was very unusual because Sherry and Petra do not normally think about negative things. It was revealed that the energies were close to nuclear war. We were shown many things that are currently in progress. They lifted the veil just a tad.

Petra turned to me in the car and asked are you ready to be a Master walking the earth? I was a bit stunned at first with what Petra was asking me and thought she was playing around until I looked into her eyes and saw a master coming through. I quickly answered of course I want to be a master walking the earth. Why else are we here.

Petra had already said yes and then they came through her and asked me. Little did I know what would possibly follow.

Petra and I were parked in a vast field overlooking the countryside and saw the large ship come in. We were taken up in a very fine golden, white light and greeting by Jeshua and the angels. Our I AM Presence was brought through our bodies and anchored into our physical body into the heart area. We had been prepared prior to the trip with the severing of the silver cord, and activation and anchoring of the final body in preparation for this.

We were told that we had to leave there within half an hour, so I actually set my alarm and we leaned back in our chairs in the car and tried to get some sleep.

A moment later sherry says it’s time to go, I look at the clock and only 10 minutes had past. To me it felt I had somewhat been out for about at least 30 minutes. Sherry told me I was sleeping.

So we leave and start driving back on this dirt road, we wanted to be out of there before dark.

Archangel Michael was guiding the driving so we went fast. Then a turn comes up and the car starts slipping and we go of the cliff a bit and get stuck in the sand.

The car wouldn’t go forward or backward. Now it was not really a cliff, more of a ditch on the side of the road.

Sherry says, take your glass tea bottle and put it somewhere either in front or in the back of one of the tires.

So I get out and get the feeling it should be behind the tire on the driver side in the front.

I placed the glass bottle behind the tire and voila, the car starts moving and gets out of the ditch.

We were so happy, it was a road with no traffic, we had seen two cars in about 2 hours.

But the moment we get out of the ditch a car shows up and the driver is amazed by what we did.

So were we, but we followed the guidance and we trusted and we received the instant manifestation this way.

We left the dirt road shortly after this and went on our way back to Sedona where we found a restaurant with some good margarita’s.

Then back to our friend’s house and get the next part of our mission.

That same evening, we went through several activations in solidifying the Adam Kadmon. As part of this, the 144,000 flames of God become active within the Adam Kadmon body and integrated grid of the tree of life within each of us. At each point within the Adam Kadmon, the 144,000 flames are also within. All chakra centers are dissolved to nothingness and a crystal tube of light encompasses the bodies of the person receiving the Adam Kadmon.

We are still learning the abilities that go along with these flames. We can say at this point; it has been miraculous to say the least.

The crystal skulls are very important for us here on earth. It isn’t really about what they say it is though. They said at the crystal skull conference this weekend that, it is the skulls that hold vast amount of information and wisdom that we need here on earth at this time. The truth of it is that they are assisting us in activating our soul memories and returning our divine bodies. There are guardians of the skulls. Some will remain so and others will be passed to new guardians. You don’t have to worry about the skulls getting into the wrong hands of a negative human. These skulls are remotely controlled by for the most part Light ships. We say for the most part, because part of our work this last weekend was to secure a skull and re-connect it to a light ship from something that was very undesirable.

This was critical as a pre-requisite to securing the light ascension portals.

The power of the 144,000 flames of God are limitless in their purification of anything that they touch. At the closing ceremony of the crystal skull conference, we activated for a time these flames. We saw a solid golden grid stronger than has ever been placed on earth shoot across the whole earth in its perfect geometric configuration.

That Sunday evening, our friend asked to do a meditation to integrate the inner male and female, so Sherry did that with him. After this he said his angels had told him we needed to do something he was going to teach at one point and already had been doing with people that would come to him for guidance.

Both Sherry and I were tired but we agreed. He told us we were going to bring in all our energy bodies from the beginning of when we were birthed as a soul. We replied we already had worked on that, but his angels told him we did not.

We were told to sit down and keep our eyes open during this process.

And he started with bringing in the energy bodies. He told us several times to keep our eyes open and we did.

At one point I felt beings surrounding me trying to enter my energy bodies. And I suddenly realized we got another lesson.

Both Sherry and I are channels and we are both capable of seeing in the etheric either with our eyes closed or open. But I know many people, especially when they are just starting to awake, that are not able to see anything unless they have their eyes closed and are able to see with the inner eyes.

So another warning to have discernment of who to believe and trust.

Now I do not think this man was consciously aware of what was happening.

He is a light worker and feels he is being guided by his angels to do all this work with others and help others. But he also has an ego, that interfered with what he was doing.

He felt the need to be right about what he was doing and from there he also felt his angels were right.

We would tell him we already did something, but he would only believe his angels.

We would tell him to start teaching people to live and discern from the heart and he would agree with us, but still keep the mind involved as well.

We can all be misguided and this is why we brought out the message about discernment first

The last week after we returned from Sedona has been a roller coaster as well with the energies fluctuating I would say.

Especially since we have all the messages about the spaceship coming on October 14, and then messages about destruction and war floating all over the internet.

Both Sherry and I have been working with the 144.000 flames for the last couple of days to mitigate the effects for all that is being called in.

We are being guided all the way at this time by ourselves and all the Light beings that are here to assist us. They have taught us both, that we are the ones that have to make the changes and we take have to full responsibility for this and do the work.

This is what we have to realize, all that Sherry and I went through was not done to us, we worked very hard to accomplish this. Yes, we were guided, and we would not have been able to do this without that guidance from our Higher Self, Soul, our Whole Being and the Masters that were assisting us.

We have always followed our inner guidance that we receive through our hearts when embarking upon a new path of learning, experiencing and growing.

We have learned to trust in the universe completely to provide with all that we need spiritually and physically.

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