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You have reached a point in time where you have a choice.

We are now in the time Between the opening of the sixth Jehovian Seal (this J-Seal opened in June 2008) and the opening of the seventh Jehovian Seal in January of 2012.

Do you choose to connect with your Living God-Presence here on earth, or do you decide to continue living in the Phantom Matrix that has been here on earth for thousands of years?

Many of you have seen the movie “The Matrix” and the choice between the “red pill” and the “ blue pill”.

One of them will allow you to be fully conscious, activate and integrate your Divine 12D Blueprint. The other one will allow you to stay in the Phantom Matrix controlled by the Phantom Matrix.

Choice 1: Become you Living God-Presence on earth and reconnect fully with Source, ascend out of the Phantom Matrix.

Choice 2: Stay in the Phantom Matrix controlled by those who control the Phantom Matrix who’s main purpose is to keep you away from everything in choice 1.

connecting with Source energy is what will manifest everything to support you in choice 1.

It is now up to you!!!

Are you giving your power away, or are you taking your power back and realize the full truth of the Phantom Matrix?

Are you ready to open your eyes and receive the truth now that it is here?

This is only the tip of the iceberg, that is necessary for you to understand at this time.

All religions have been distorted through the Phantom Matrix and it is time we reveal the Sacred Teaching of the Emerald Covenant.

Just a simple yes or no.


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