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I am Isis, and I enfold you with the Golden Wings of compassion as I ask of you to release the energies held by you.

The time is now to release and be FREE.

Remember who you are NOW

Say out loud

I AM willingly releasing all that is not for me to carry NOW.

I AM willingly releasing from all my attachment to all that is not for me to carry NOW.

I AM releasing myself from the Planetary Grid NOW.

I AM releasing myself from a consciousness that is not ready for the NOW.

I AM reconnecting with my I AM presence, my God-Self NOW

I AM that I AM and I AM AWAKE NOW.

As we are all one we are all.

Awaken 144.000 aspects of self.

I need you NOW.

As you awaken you will know all that is needed to complete your Planetary Ascension.

Then is it time for your ascension into the Cosmic Universe of the Blue Rose.

This is your destination, your travel stop on your way to Source Consciousness and Being.

Awaken my Children of the Holy Grail NOW


The time is NOW

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