Isis, Sananda - The Real Truth About Mary Magdalene And Jesus

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I am Isis and I come upon the Golden Wings of Freedom.

I am Isis, you know me.
I am Mary Magdalene and you know me.

When I was on earth as Mary Magdalene, I brought with me the pure energies of Freedom.
When I left as Mary Magdalene many aspects of these energies were distorted.

The pure Freedom energies were carried by seven others who went into seclusion for 2000 years until we could return the pure energy of Freedom to you.
These souls carried the energy of Mary Magdalene into your earth at this time.

Now I have returned and I will take again full responsibility of carrying the pure energy of Freedom.

It is time to release the seven and have them be free to follow their path toward full cosmic ascension in this lifetime.

I thank them and bless them, know that I will be there to fully assist you.

Let my Golden Wings enfold you.


I am Sananda, many of you call me Jesus.
I was Jesus in that lifetime, and I carried the energies of Change and Transformation.
Now it is time to carry these energies into full perspective and purity into the earth and our universe.
I have come to earth at this time in my full being as Sananda.

I have come to earth with Isis at this time to be the guardian of the energies of Change and Transformation in its purest form. As she is the guardian of the energies of Freedom in its purest form.

Our life we had together as Mary Magdalene and Jesus was a special dispensation for me. I was connected to Mary and we loved each other as lovers do. We worked together as friends and lovers. It was the start for the new the energies of Change, Transformation and Freedom to be released in its purest form.

My ascension in that life time was the dispensation for me, I offered to be the one guarding the energies of Change and Transformation to release them in its purest form back onto the earth.
The ascension was the release of those energies.

Isis was there as Mary Magdalene, she was the one that alchemically changed my physical body into light. She and she alone could perform that process for someone else.

After my ascension, which was a blissful experience that I stayed in for some time without any concern for what was happening around me, I returned to earth to find the energies distorted and used for the benefit of the few.
Mary was still guarding the energies of Freedom, she was waiting for me to return but I could not stay with her. My being felt sad and disappointed when being on earth and seeing the result of our actions that were meant to be the start of a new world.

I could not stay with her and our children, I was ascended and in a light body, so I left.
At this point Mary had already moved to France which was a safer place for her and the children.
I know the pain I caused her. But she never showed it to anyone.

I traveled the earth in my light body until I settled down in India where I found my second wife. I stayed with her until she passed and crossed over into the world of spirit.

Mary left soon after that and she passed on the pure energy of her incarnation to the seven souls that were waiting for her.

Now we have returned and we are again here as guardians of the energies of Change, Transformation and Freedom in its purest form.

We are enfolded by the Golden Wings of Isis and we are here with you right now.


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