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You are in the shift and you have noticed this shift among others. Many are feeling restlessness around the earth.

It is not strange with all that is happening right now. Every country is undergoing major changes including your own. This all because many of you are changing as well.

How many of you have asked for peace though and not found it yet? Especially with all the energies flying around I know many have even lost that peace.

Some of you are trying to regain it by looking for an outside source that can provide this peace.

Others have no idea on what to do and where to find this peace.              

I would like to give you an exercise that you can do, by yourself, and maybe find some of that peace.

All the unrest, some even call it onslaught of energies and feelings is coming from the mass consciousness or third dimensional consciousness. This band of energy around your planet is a database of all feelings, thoughts and emotions, build up over years and still building.

Much work has been done to release many of it, but yes it is still building since so many are still living and thinking in a third dimensional way.

You are rising above this at times, but you get pulled back many times.

Either by your own thought, or the thoughts of others.

In the new consciousness, that is above or outside the third dimensional mass consciousness, we have different thought, feelings, emotions. It vibrates in a higher frequency and cannot be influenced by anything negative if we do not allow it. And by we I also mean all of you.

So here is a simple exercise that can assist you in rising above the third dimensional consciousness and stay there for longer periods of time until you are able to rise and stay there full-time.

Imagine you mind being a ball of light, color does not matter here.

You are going to bring this ball of light into your heart. It is easy.

Just see yourself bringing the ball of light down through your throat and further down until you reach the heart.

Now the heart is a ball of light as well, can be a different color or the same.

This ball of light, that is the heart, is way bigger than the ball of light that is your mind.

And once you put the ball of light that us your mind, into the ball of light that is your heart, they start to merge. The energy of the mind is spreading out through the heart and becoming one with it.

Once you have done this, you start sending out the energy of your heart, and you will see this energy rise up, just going up until it reaches the mass consciousness. It passes through this third dimensional mass consciousness very quickly and reaches the new 5th dimensional consciousness.

 And you can feel how peaceful it is, how nothing can interfere with your thoughts, your mind seems so clear when you are in this frequency.

Then you feel and see the energy from this consciousness coming back to you and going into your heart center, you are connected now.

You can live from your heart, create and manifest from the heart, your mind is clear and you are able to stay in this feeling of peace and joy. There is no fear.

This is where you receive the truth from your own heart.

And this is where you come together with other and create a new way of thinking and living that you will carry on into the 5th dimension when you physically arrive there.                       



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