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What happens when you go into higher frequencies, you start to send out more and more light into the universe. You become more light. You become more aware and are able to receive more knowledge.

We can see your light becoming brighter and more expanded. The dark can see your light as well. This means you are becoming more of a target for the dark, many of them not residing in this universe at this time.

The people being influenced are the way-showers, the teachers, the channelers or are to become this in the near future.

Many of them are already able or will start to receive information and knowledge. This is the part the dark likes to influence and they are capable of doing it in a way that is barely noticeable. Knowledge with a twist.

It will sound perfect. A great explanation or information that is new and makes complete sense, since it is new and the information given will always have enough knowledge to convince you of this.

Many will and are already influenced by the dark in a very subtle way.

The information is being released and many more people will accept it as being true, so they are not only influencing the channel but also the ones reading the information.

When you have a channel that has always been accurate and you will have many people reading those messages. Once this channel becomes influenced, you still have all these people reading the messages thinking they are true messages.

The influence of the dark will be barely noticed and the message will seem to be very true and assisting you on your path. This is how they influence you and keep you from reaching a higher frequency and light. It prevents you from going into higher dimensions, even though it might not seem to feel like that to you. You are already happy when you can reach the 5th dimension, but the 5th dimension is only the beginning, it does not stop there.

Many consider the dark to be of lower frequencies, this is not true. The beings that are of a lower frequency in your universe are the ones that are controlled by beings residing outside of your universe.

These beings are way more advanced then you as human beings, even when you go into the 5th dimension. They reside in the higher dimensions outside of your universe.

Now many think the masters are residing in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimension, what you have to understand is that they lower their frequency to that dimension. It is not where they reside.

These dark beings are able to influence you in many ways. They are capable of tuning in to your personal frequency, yes every human has their own personal frequency.

They will bring in an etheric device that will have a similar frequency to yours.

Or the being will simulate an energy close to that of a being you have been channeling for some time. If it is a new being coming in, they will still simulate that energy and make you feel good about the information you are bringing out.

The devices are influencing you and will make you feel good about the message; the work you are doing. The device will attune you to the frequency of one of these dark beings and you will receive their message full of truth, but always with a twist.

The device might have been there for some time and start working once you reach a certain frequency, or someone close to you might have one of those devices and this way they are able to implant you with one of them. You let down your guard when you trust someone and will not expect it to be coming from them.

You can protect yourself against this, but it is hard and you will have to see this as a learning experience in becoming aware of all this, not just part of all that is.

You as light workers have been taught to focus on bringing in the light and sending out the light. The dark is there but when you sent the light to the dark they will leave.

Your light, if you have reached a 5th dimensional frequency will reach as far as the 5th dimension. These beings are of higher dimensions and are not residing in your universe. So your light will never reach them.

You have to become aware of the dark and acknowledge for yourself it is there. This is the only way to protect yourself. Work with others and check yourself and others as a group.

Be honest with yourself and know that you can be influenced, even though the being you are channeling might tell you, you can’t be influenced. They will protect you.

Many will not believe they can be influenced, they are of the light and the dark cannot do anything against them. You have reached a 5th dimensional frequency, these beings have a much higher frequency than you.

Many will say. Look at the work I am doing, the people I am helping with this, how much light we are bringing to the planet and how we have already changed so much.

Yes, you have, but why limit it and only reach a 5th dimensional frequency.

You can become aware of all that is in your universe and other universes, not just the 5th dimension.

The dark will not interfere with you becoming more light, until you reach a certain level, they do not want you to be aware of the higher dimensions, because that would mean you could become aware of them.

Your consciousness expands when you reach a higher frequency, for example in the 3rd dimension your consciousness has the size of a tennis ball, when you reach the 5th dimensional frequency it might be the size of a basketball.

You will be aware of the lower frequencies in the 3rd dimension and the higher frequencies in the 5th dimension at the same time.

So if you raise your frequency beyond the 5th dimension you become aware in the higher dimensions. This can take you all the way up to source at one point.

Some say they are channeling from their God Self, their soul or higher consciousness, higher self.  At this time these parts of you are to be brought into the physical body, they do have a higher frequency so will bring in more awareness. But depending upon your level of advancement they are not residing in source. More is needed to really have your consciousness reach up to source and be aware of source.

This means you will have awareness of all that is, and not just in your universe.

Petra: I read somewhere that your consciousness goes on and off like a blinking light.

It was explained that in a low frequency your consciousness will be on, for example, I am over exaggerating here, for 10 minutes and then of for 10 minutes.

If you are in a higher frequency your consciousness will be on for 5 minutes and then off for 5 minutes.

In the message they used seconds I think, but just to understand this fully I used a higher amount of on and off.

Isis: This is not accurate, as you can see when you use the higher amount, this would mean your consciousness or awareness would be on for 5 or 10 minutes and you would not be aware for 5 or 10 minutes. This would mean you would lose awareness since you are not fully aware at all times.

Your awareness is always on, if you go into a higher frequency you will have more awareness, because your consciousness has expanded.

Petra: It was mentioned that the dark comes in when there is less time in between these periods of awareness. Since the energy is moving faster in a higher frequency.

Isis: This is not accurate, you are more aware when the energy moves faster, so you will be more aware of what is happening to you. When you are in lower frequencies you are less aware of what is happening to you.

The dark attaches to your personal frequency, the more aware you are, the sooner you will find out they are trying to or are doing this.

Many will be influenced and are already influenced simply because they have not reached a state of where the ego is merged with the mind and the consciousness, and the consciousness placed in the heart.

Petra: Yes, that’s another thing I wanted to ask about. I hear someone say they got an award from the masters, or angels.

Isis: We do not give out awards, you have chosen this path, and your award is chosen by you, not us.

Petra: I also heard someone say that the people that know and are able to remove these devices are people who work with the dark. Since I am one of the people capable of doing this I would like more information about this.

Isis: Again this is not accurate, you are capable because you have acknowledged that the dark is there. You have been able to see with your own consciousness awareness what they are capable of. This does not mean you work for the dark; this is the fear of people that have not yet reached this state of awareness.

Petra: What do we do when we tell someone they are being influenced and this person does not believe it. They actually got attacked after they were told.

Isis: You cannot do anything at that point. If the person is not willing to look at them self, to ask the being that attacked to show them self for who they really are. To go beyond their ego and look for the truth. There is nothing you can do.

Petra: But this person is influencing others, we have had two people that we know that we needed to remove implants that were received by being with this person.

Isis: All you can do is inform someone, if they do not listen, it is their learning experience. Their path, their free will. I know they are influenced by the dark, but the human still has a free will at all times to look inside to see the truth.

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