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Petra and I have just returned from being in Sedona, AZ. It was beautiful there and we had an incredible time. Many of our experiences are difficult to even put into words. We are finalizing the information that we received and it will be coming out within the next couple of days or so.

The Masters want me to talk about Discernment today because of the information that is being published right now on various websites about the coming of ships on a particular date. I just got off the phone with a friend who updated me on all of the information flying around. As we are really close to securing the gates, the ascension portals unto the light, the last thing that we need at this time is to let a bunch of dark ships in. The light ships can come in at will as many of their technologies for arrival is through thought. The dark ships ask people who are open, but do not yet have discernment to help them get in. It is not in our best interest to have people who are not aware of what they are doing by bringing in dark ships at this time.

What is the best way that we as Humans can operate from a place of discernment?

Tap into your angels and ask for a physical sign on your body to manifest when ask a question and the answer is yes. Make it so obvious that you cannot miss it. Your consciousness needs to be in your heart when you are asking these questions and it is probably a good idea dependent upon where you are in light body activation for you to also set sacred space and ask that only the Christ light permeate through. For example, when I am talking to someone who I have just met the Masters will have me tell a story to them. It is usually something they need to know or get validation on and they will get chills over their whole body so they know what I am saying is the truth. Some people refer to this as God bumps. This happened to many people this weekend as I told stories. You can ask to have chills up and down your body if it is something you are asking about and you want a confirmation for a yes.

While Petra and I were in Sedona, we received a call from a human that carries great light. What I mean is that this person is at the end of their cosmic ascension not planetary ascension. More information on this is available in Dr. Joshua David Stone's book called "Cosmic Ascension". We could clearly see that the dark had a plan to take him out before the end of October. We were given specific instructions in his case to not even go outside during these October dates. Now the masters are reminding me of the written material by A'sha-yana Deane, owner of the Azurite Press website relative to ships showing up on a particular date. The dark, the government, and beings that do not want the humans to inherit the earth can and have the technology to manifest holograms. These holograms can look like Jesus in the sky or like a ship in the sky. If you go up in through the hologram you will be burnt up into nothingness.

We have many ships right now, if not more, surrounding the planet performing various functions for the success of the earth and for the spiritual beings on the earth. They are in direct communication with many of us who are performing work. The point I am making here is "The ships are already here that should be here".

We have to rise up out of the matrix to break free from the illusion by tapping into ourselves instead of looking outside of ourselves. Breaking the illusion breaks the matrix. We are calling on now all Angels and Rainbow Warriors of Light right now at this given point on earth to hold the 144,000 flames of God within the earth and through the earth and expand it out into the universe and continually expanding automatically now through 2018.

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