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My dear friends that are on earth right now, how many times have we discussed all that is happening on earth right now in detail while you were here with me.

We went through many possibilities on how to get the outcome we desire.

You took it upon yourself to return in this time to assist the earth and mankind. You went through many lives of preparation and learning to be ready for this moment.

And inside you are all the memories of what you learned and why.

Many are awakening at this time and are confused on what is happening.

Stand strong, because you are a powerful being of light that is here on earth for a reason.

To prove that we can shift, we can change, and we can create a new reality together.

And do you know why you can do that?

This world was created by all of you, yes all of you.

It was not created by a couple of dark souls that took over, you gave your permission, you let their power take over and created this world with them this way.

This is why you can change, why you can create a new reality.

There is no one holding you back but you.


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