There is much that can be said about all the energies, feelings and all that is being experienced at this time.

What is happening is still a question for many even though it seems like something is happening and many feel elevated into newer and more lighter energies.

Have you noticed that the world around you is facing a new way of realizing their purpose and role within the reality that is and that is being created?

Each and every person upon earth is feeling this, not just the lightworkers or feeling people, each person is reacting to the changing energies whether they are conscious of them or not.

The future is like we always say very fluid even though there are some constants happening as well.

You have moved through the darkest point, zero point or the eye of the needle as we call it on December 21st 2012. This was a very hectic as well as exiting moment for many and after this date many have felt a release of pressure, but also more pressure at the same time. The predictions and many of the messages were geared towards a great change and they continue this in their messages at this moment setting new dates each time.

We see many that are not knowing, or in reality sometimes do know but would like to be not knowing. They seek their confirmations many times from beings outside of them. Reminders, affirmations and the change is real.

If they feel scared, frightened, insecure, worthless, they seek confirmation from beings outside of them to tell them they do not need to be scared, insecure, worthless and more.

Fear is seen as one of the culprits of control, yet fear is much more than that and without fear you would not be the human you are and have many of the experiences you have had in this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

Fear is the simple and basic rule system for the human mind to find its way through the human world in many ways.

The reality is you don’t know, you really don’t know because you are not there to hear the sound.

If you cannot see something does it mean it is not there?

For many it is clear, energy is energy, everything is energy, even sound and light are a form of energy. Everything around you is energy, yet you cannot see everything around you.

As we have been speaking about energies this is one you have to think about as the spiritual self is often confused with what many see as the human self.

Many attributes you have as a human are thought to be within the spiritual self as well.

This is why we suggest to not overlook the assistance of the logical mind in finding and becoming more of who you truly are.

As humans in the 3D reality, when making decisions, they are usually based on using the logical mind. When you have to buy a car, you do not, or at least you try not to use emotions as this might be influencing the decision you have to make.

We would like to discuss with you and explain a bit more to you about what the future can hold.

What you see featured by many is a future that holds the most amazing features that you can imagine.

Many like to infer that the future is already prepared for you, and others like to infer that you are creating the future.

Something you are being told through so many messages, but understanding and working with this power is something that is not talked about.

It is very easy to tell someone you have the power to change anything and everything, but the truth is different in many ways.

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