As there still seems to be many questions on this I will explain a bit more about what seals are and where they can exist.

You all know about the 7 seals in the bible, they are not the 7 jehovian seals within the physical body.

The 7 seals and you can read the passages that are described within the bible are metaphors for what these seals represent.

I am Isis and I would like to give some more info as to what is happening, what needs to be done and what your role is on earth, but more importantly what your role is in this universe.

It is not only the earth that is ascending, but your entire universe and this makes it a bit more complicated than just you as humans getting ready for ascension.

We are ready and so are you.

With all that is happening on earth, we are here to be with you at this time. As are many of the others that are watching closely all that is happening to you and your precious earth.

Lady Gaia as we call her is getting ready for the great shift, and she is offering you at this time her protection and energy. Connect with the elementals, connect with Lady Gaia as you bring in more and more of your true source being.

8-8-8 The Lions Gate.

On this day we will have a special activation with Akhenaton and Amon Ra.

You might have heard about them; their names are usually connected to Egypt. 
The work of these beings goes beyond Egypt, as far back as Lemuria and even before that.

I am Lord Kuthumi and I come to you upon the Platinum Ray of Silence and Wisdom.

Today you have seen and experienced the new energies and what they are doing to your thought patters, you life and your world.

You have all been working with these new energies in different ways brought to you by a diversity of channels.

Isn’t it amazing though that even if all the messages sound different, they will all lead you to the same energies. Gates, Alchemy Consciousness, a diversity of rays, planets and much more have brought you to this point. And now that you have been connecting with these energies, the only question left is: “What is next?”