Many that are on earth right now have memories of Atlantis and other eras or times where the world was different.

Many have different memories of these times, and this can be explained by the fact that there has been more than one Atlantis in different areas upon earth. Not all of them were named Atlantis, but there have been several times where the earth reality got a new start.

We are at such a time again, I think one of the difference is that at this moment more people are awake and we have more experience amongst all that are awake, as many have gone through some of those beginnings of new realities on earth.

However, we are also in a time where the physicality experience upon earth is at its lowest point. We all know we are more than the physical. What many do not see that the physical is only an experience, we experience ourselves as physical, yet we are not. In reality, there is not a physical reality and spiritual reality. There is one reality and in that reality, we experience a part of our self as physical. The problem we face is that the part of us that experiences our self as physical has become the dominant part of our being and has slowly been disconnecting itself from all other parts of our being.

Now this was due to circumstances, interferences and more, but looking at the past will not change that. We have to look forward. Understanding that we can learn from the past, but we cannot change the past.

Understanding how we got here can help in understanding on how to move forward, but it can also hinder us in moving forward. What we do know is that we are now in a time where possibilities are opening up to begin another reality like Atlantis, this time hopefully without so many of the mistakes that led to the downfall of those realities. We also know this is a harder time to begin this new reality, as we have been disconnected even more from much of who we really are.

It is a challenge, and it is each person’s own choice to take up this challenge no matter where we are upon earth. It is a time that will be challenging for all of us on earth, no matter what religion or belief system. But it is a possibility that lays before us right now.

What is different this time from previous realities is that this time it is more about our own personal reality. The reality is less of a group effort and more of a personal effort. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be a change upon or within this earth reality, it will. But the change will be different, it will be a what many would call Atlantis, but an Atlantis that hopefully will be able to get through all the struggles that previous realities faced.

I know many will say that everything will change automatically as the earth is moving into new energies, or frequencies, or dimensions. But this is only opening possibilities, it is not something that will actually change the reality, that is up to all that are here on earth.

Can you be open to a new reality?

Can you set your belief system aside?

Can you be open to a reality that might not be at all like your own belief system?

Can you be open to the fact that within your physical lifetime you might not see all the changes?

There are going to be changes, we are already seeing them, but can you understand and accept what you might see as not the right change?

Do you think you have it in you to do all these things without hesitation?

Are you ready for this, this change we know we all have been waiting for?

Can you set aside the HUMAN reality and more fully connect with your REAL reality?

Are you willing to do the work on you? Just YOU at this time?

As we have been silent for some time, the end of the year has come and the time for reflection of the past and the future is here as another year or maybe turning point in your life is here.

When reflecting on the past we see a lot of change has begun, it is not complete but that cannot be expected in such short amount of time.

The year 2013 seems to have come and gone and for many has brought some new awareness of what life might be or could be.

The future is like we always say very fluid even though there are some constants happening as well.

You have moved through the darkest point, zero point or the eye of the needle as we call it on December 21st 2012. This was a very hectic as well as exiting moment for many and after this date many have felt a release of pressure, but also more pressure at the same time. The predictions and many of the messages were geared towards a great change and they continue this in their messages at this moment setting new dates each time.

We would like to discuss with you and explain a bit more to you about what the future can hold.

What you see featured by many is a future that holds the most amazing features that you can imagine.

Many like to infer that the future is already prepared for you, and others like to infer that you are creating the future.

Today we are talking about something that requires your attention in a way that you have not given thought to this subject before.

Peace, a peaceful and loving world, praying for peace and all that you want for the earth and all upon here.

As long as you rely upon other beings to change the world, to make changes for you and to carry you into the new reality, the new reality will not come into being.

As long as you rely upon other beings to find your own inner being, you will not find your own inner being fully.

You have had many questions about this subject and we would like to give you more of an insight as to what the new way of manifestation and creating entails.

The old way of manifestation creation was more focused on one person; each person would set goals and try to reach these goals for them as a person.

This is a new beginning; it is not a continuation of the old.

There are new ways of bringing change, yet you are still using the old ways to try and get change.

You are in uncharted territory, a new age, a world where old rules do not apply and new rules have not been made yet.

As we move further there will be more challenges ahead, many of you have gone through so many already and we know many are at a standstill as far as what to do, how to do it.

The push that was felt last year when the date of the 21st of December was in sight made you want to do more, gave you hope, you had waited for this event for so long.

We are almost half a year past that date and many have not seen much change, still feel like they are now standing still almost, not having the energy to move forward.

This is something that we see more and more happening as we get closer to the end of this year, as well as more and more people getting disappointed with the reality they are being setup for.

We have been told now over and over again how amazing the future reality is going to be, just a little bit longer, just wait for a little bit longer, but it will happen.

We see the amazing channelings about how loving and full of light we are or can be.

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