You all have so many ideas of how the new world could be, but your ideas are way ahead of what the world is at this moment.

When we speak about manifesting you have to take into consideration where your world is at this moment.

Manifesting is different and it is time for you to figure this out in a new way, but the new way is not there yet, as many are still working according to the old directions.

This subject applies to many of you as you all have some resistance to how the world around you is operating at this moment.

You resist certain ways of living, certain ways others choose to live and how they are doing this as you resist their way of reaching and maintaining a certain way of living.

The money subject and how money is being used in your society is one of the biggest resistances many have.

As I have worked with this for a long time, I have seen that there is a certain flow within money that comes in to support.

For example, during the summer when my car broke down and a new engine or actually used engine was needed, the cost was 2000 dollars.

It took two months for that money to appear within the flow. But it got there, and 2000 is more than what I usually make in one month.

As Isis has asked me to write down my personal story of working on neutralizing and balancing the energies, I have to sit down for a bit and think.

It all started happening when we started the Holy Land workshop, I was hoping for many people, it turned out to be 6, including myself; we do have the balance of three men and three women though.

The work is amazing and I will ask if some of the participants are willing to write down some of their personal experience.

When we see money as energy, we also see the imbalance upon earth around this energy.

As we see the exchange of energy of money there is an imbalance within the amount and flow of energy.

Yes there is a new mindset needed for all that think they do not deserve money for their work, they do not think they are allowed to ask money for their work.

In the beginning times there was no need for such a system as all were still in oneness within their own being and within Source.
As the oneness slowly disappeared, there became a need for the body to support the energy of the body with outside sources.
There came a need to clothe the body, to feed the body.

In the previous email I wrote down what I know about the beginning. This is where we are right now.

Since the last full moon, the merging of our Earth with the New Earth has begun.

The crystal core of our earth is almost completely merged with the New earth. Yes the merging is starting at the core.

What does it mean getting something for free, so you should give it freely?

Many channels have worked on receiving messages from the masters, it does not come easy sometimes and to be a good channel you have to do a lot of work on yourself.

Sananda came in after this and gave me another message.

I am Sananda and I would like to add something to our messages.

Our channel has been receiving some reactions to her manifestation and creation of abundance in her life.

Some people have asked me why we ask money for this activation since it is important for the whole planet earth.

I have asked Kuthumi to answer that question, since I only follow the guidance of the Masters when doing this.

I am Lord Kuthumi.

We are very far in our process for the ascension of Planet Earth.

You are all on your path toward ascension.

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