After I sent out the Melchizedek message I got some reactions and wanted to explain a bit more about what he is saying and what I know myself about the process of Cosmic Ascension and 2012.

Many are afraid that they will have to leave behind loved ones if they choose Cosmic Ascension.

There is a lot of information going around about the coming ascension in 2012 and much of it is exciting and some of it is scary.

I, Melchizedek would like to give you some explanations and information of what is going to happen.

Yes, there is going to be an ascension of consciousness for every human on earth whether they want to or not. The earth is ascending and will be going into a higher dimension. She will however go higher than the 5th dimension most of you have heard of. The earth will move beyond the 13th dimension, which means the earth will not be physical anymore.

Mar 19, 2009

24 Creator Gods

All created different universes and different races.

Once of these Creator God's is Lord Melchizedek.

They created many lines of races, only a few of these races were able to retain full conscious awareness during the evolutionary cycles. All other races lost it along the way at different times.

Our human line was created by the Melchizedek Creator to assist those races that lost full consciousness and were willing to re-evolve to catch up with their original time line of evolution. They would re-evolve and return to their home planets and their own race line to assist the ones there with what they learned here on earth. So they could evolve once again.

The 13 Star Gates are physical ascension portals on your planet Earth.

The 13th being the Temple of Nepthys.

It is time to open these gates for you to use at this time.

These gates have been dormant for thousands of years.

The memory of these gates was erased from history.

We all see it as Love, Peace and Happiness.

This one day of the year you want to represent all these feelings, these energies.

But what is happening on the days before and after.

Many of you are searching for this inner feeling of peace.

And many fail, or think they fail.

Today is one of those days that families come together.

Next year will be the year where more and more spiritual families will come together.

More people will be guided to move to the new energy vortexes that are being opened in your country.

There are 12 new energy vortexes being created right now. These are the places where old Atlantean crystals are being placed in the next couple of months.

This is connected with what we call the 12 tribes of Israel.

Each of these 12 groups is a representation of one of the 12 tribes. Once all 12 tribes are in place the crystals will be ignited and form the Star of David over the United States.

When the Star of David starts burning it will be time for us to come to you in real life.