This is the theme of today as you see more of the darkness coming out into the light, or being shine upon by the light as we see it.

The darkness is seen by many and many are scared, afraid of this darkness as it brings an unbalance in the world surrounding them.

Jumping time lines, as some recent information has been brought through, is something that is a bit misleading, as it is not always really jumping time lines but more a continuation of your time line with a different direction, you chose a different outcome of your time line. And you can do this many times during this life time or during this time line that you are on right now.

With the New Year around the corner it is becoming more important than ever to remember who you are.

The first one to remember is that you are not human, you are a spirit being, and you are everything that is within spirit.

The earth has already made her choice clear to all of you.

She is ascending as you can feel the frequency within her has changed to a higher vibration of energy.

All living creatures upon her, animals, plants, etc., are going with her.

It saddens me to see so many of you not realizing that we are here to guide, but only guide. Any being saying otherwise is misleading you into another attachment or belief that is not helpful.

You all have your own path and we realize that, we know this, as we all have gone through much of what the earth can bring as far as experience and knowledge.

Ascension is ascending within the energies within your own being.

Ascension upon earth is ascending within your own being and bringing all of what you are in spirit down into the physical reality.

As above, so below.

As this date is coming up, we would like you all to prepare to bring in that part of you that is already within the New Earth Reality.

The day when the sun stops and moves back once more to begin a new cycle of rebirthing.

Many illusions will fall way as you are looking for a way within you that reveals the truth that has been hidden from you for so long.

Many more false prophets and illusions will be coming forward, and there will be some who will see within and know within which is truth.

There is still much that needs to be discussed as we are moving into the year 2012.

It has been known throughout time that the human is just an extension of the spiritual being, this was translated in the many religions around the world.

I would like to welcome you on this day of the Lunar Eclipse.

The moon is unraveling its secrets and mysteries of the past.

This is the time to bring together your past, present and future as you are getting ready to move into the New Year 2012.

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