We welcome you on the doorstep into a new world. A world full of possibilities.

The Diamond Doorway is the Gate into the new world of creation and manifestation.

Divine Alchemy and Divine Power are together here. Magical manifestations.

The Diamond Doorway includes several activations. One of them being the embodiment of the KA.

It is now time to integrate all transmuted and transformed energies that were held by Mary Magdalene.

The diamond heart is about to be opened wider as you allow for the female energies to be fully integrated inside of you.

Many of you might think you have it all, especially woman.

I am Isis and I have come here today to explain more about the Male and Female energies and why it is so hard to integrate the Female energies into the physical body.

Your spiritual being or energy is made out of 50% Male and 50% female at this time.

Your physical body holds most of the Male energies and only about 10% of the Female energies.

You can have a look at the picture we made to see what this looks like.

It has been this way for a very long time. I already told you the story about the 24 Ancients and their differences. All this resulted in the almost complete separation of your Male and Female energies.

But why is it so hard to integrate the Female energies?

What is happening at this time when so many people feel they have been there with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and so many feeling they were Mary Magdalene, or Jesus or even one of the disciples.

What was happening more than 2000 year ago?

There was a group of souls on your earth bringing in certain energies and taking certain energies.

For more than 2000 years now Mary Magdalene, or actually Isis, because it was she who took this incarnation upon her, has been holding the energy of abused women.

And by holding them I mean feeling them as if they were her own as well.

Time is changing everything and more and more people are able to receive guidance from within.

We are getting near to the end of the year 2007 and much of the past issues will have been resolved.

You will find the energy in the year 2008 easier to handle. This is mostly because of all the hard work you have done in this year.

With that we talk about transforming a lot of deep dark negative energies.

Most of it coming from inside the core of the earth and she will be able to shed a lot of her energy in a more positive way then was foreseen at first.

I am here today to explain more about the Female Goddess Power.

This is what we call it today, we used to call it the Creation and Birth.

What you call the Male energies today was called the Visionary Creative energy.

The Creative energy was used to envision and the Creation energy was used to birth the envisioned creation.

We will use the names Female Goddess Power and Male God visionary energies for now.

In the beginning there was balance between these two energies as you all know, simply because we have no duality in spirit.