This date is again a very important date for your planet earth.
On this date some of you are going into the last phase of ascension.

Now you know inside if you are one of them.
If you are, it is time for you to finish up the last part of your process.

A couple of years ago I just felt the need to start looking for Crystal Skulls, I have no idea what brought it up, I just had to find something.

At that moment I couldn’t find anything about them that really spoke to me so I decided to let it go. I did get an email from someone after that asking me what I knew about the Crystal Skulls and he sent me a picture of one of the Crystal Skulls. I remember getting some information and feeling a connection but it just didn’t stay in my mind and I forgot all about the Crystal Skulls.

Several months later a friend told me about a workshop she was going to, called the Opening of the Gates. I was interested but not enough to say I wanted to go as well, it was quite expensive I thought and since my guidance was not saying anything I knew it was not for me.

But I did want to know all about what was happening there.

Welcome my beloved,

Time has come to reveal more secrets as to your earth plan.

You have all come here for a reason, some of you have been called, others felt the need to be here at this time.

Not all of you came with a pure hart.

But when this trying time is over, you will have decided for yourself the route you are going to take.