As we are moving close to this date, we would like to share what our vision is of the energies that are being released and what the energy can do for your earth and all beings upon her.

There is so much change happening and this energy on 11-11-11 is something that can assist you in making a huge leap within conscious awareness.

We are the Crystal Skulls and we come to you today to make our presence known to many of you.

You have heard about us, and many think they know about us.

There is much known about us, and even more unknown.

With the ending of the Mayan cycle of descending and ascending within the human consciousness and spiritual realities, we are coming to a point where we can find completion of this cycle within the human consciousness reality.

There is a time shift happening between this ending of the cycle and the 11-11-11 doorway that is opening.

Thank you, of course to the appointed guardians through time who have served as changers of consciousness and protectors of the Crystal Skulls.
There are many “Secrets” encoded in the Crystal Skulls that relate to the inputting of access to higher consciousness during this time area and moving “forward”.
Encoded only means not experienced with consciousness oneness..... yet!

Access these lights!

Access these lights!

Let them inform your consciousness.
Maybe only one line of energy of thousands will come to you, but believe me this one line of energy from a crystal skull can be of such magnitude that it can really bless, help and support in holding higher consciousness. They are of a very high frequencies.

Honor the spirit in the Crystal Skulls. They are here to assist us into our transition into the fifth dimension and will actually work with us in our future through into the 10th dimension.

So ------ Ascension and forward.

At the moment of the destruction of the earth in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, 13 priestesses gathered to preserve the energy of the largest crystal in Atlantis.

The history of earth before the destruction was placed in the crystal and through the priestesses divided in 12 parts, the crystal skulls were manifested into form.

The 13th skull was held by the 13th priestess.

The 13th skull never became manifested into form and the energy has been held by this priestess until now.

All that have listened to their hearts and are there and are willing to do the work, thank you.

For all that have not listened, to their heart. We have a message.

We know that you are all in a stage of ascension. It does not matter how you got there the path towards ascension is different for all. You all have different ideas about ascension and how you can get there. Just as all have different views about the ascension of mother earth. You are all tapping into different parts of a possible future. This future has been created throughout many dimensions in your time it is still being created. Now this is the part where it becomes important to pay attention. Many people on your planet are doing the preparation work for this creation. Others are just waiting to see what is going to happen. So, while many are doing the work, others are just waiting and wanting to profit from the work. Just think about it and feel in your heart, if this is how you want to create your new world?

The 13 Star Gates are physical ascension portals on your planet Earth.

The 13th being the Temple of Nepthys.

It is time to open these gates for you to use at this time.

These gates have been dormant for thousands of years.

The memory of these gates was erased from history.

Many of you feel connected to the Sirius Star System.

Many feel connected to Andromeda.

There are many star systems and most of them outside your universe.

Many of you are starting to feel more and more of a connection to Mother Earth.

Here we are again today. There is so much information coming out about what and who we are or might be.

So let us explain a bit more at this time.

Yes, there are 13 of us that were made long before the time of Lemuria, and 12 of us are residing on your planet at this time. The 13th skull is residing in Higher Dimensions.

We know many people would like to and are trying to find the remaining skulls.

I would like to provide more information about the 13 Gates.

As many of you may know, these Gates are part of the ascension process.

We have already told you that many have gone through these Gates in previous life times. Most of you up until the 10th Gate.

The process of going through the Gates has been changed for everyone that is physically incarnated on your planet earth at this time.

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