For many you see a created reality upon earth and your thoughts go back to some of the belief systems that speak about the creation of the human and the earth.

When you see your universe for what it is, you will see that planets and stars are created at all times.

Stars explode, implode and they become dust, rocks and they float around until they find something to connect to.

There will always be misconceptions about this subject of having a mother and father.

The representation of having a mother and father on earth is not related to having a father and mother in spirit.

When you consider yourself a source being, do you consider source a father or a mother, or both, or maybe none of those two.

Control systems are present in many ways. You in fact have your own control/energy system so to speak that you use to come down upon earth and have your experiences within a lower dimensional frequency.

To lower parts of yourself down into a lower frequency you need a control/energy system that allows you to control the experience and create certain experiences that you have chosen.

Some control/energy systems are placed by others, they can either interfere with your chosen path or support your chosen path.

We start at the moment of creation, there are many of them, but for you all we will only discuss your universe at this time.

There are many other creations you have been involved in and many are to follow.

We start with the creation of your universe as we already have talked about the fact that many beings within source gives more friction within the energies and in this way some universes were created.

As we start to speak about your beginnings as a creator, we would like to repeat some of the beginning, or how you came into being.

You were birthed from source, source being a pure energy with no consciousness, no self-awareness.

Many have a romanticized idea about source, source remained pure, even though you as beings are now moving within source.

As we have introduced you to the coming into being, we are now speaking of becoming conscious.

Each being is birthed through source; source itself is not conscious, not self-aware in any way, just a great cloud of energy following the natural flow within the great vast space and within itself.

As we have talked about in our previous message, the way you came into being, we now speak about what happens after that.

As we have explained that the great cloud, we would call that source, has no consciousness, it is not aware of anything, it is energy just floating, following the natural flow of itself within a great vast space. Some might call this space the dark matter as it does seem to be nothing, yet it is there. Just like the great cloud is there.

In this message we would like to explain a bit more of how you came into being and what naturally followed after that.

Just imagine a cloud of pure energy, this energy has no awareness, no experiences, all it does is exist. All this cloud does is expand and contract nothing more.

The moment you understand source you will see more of the truth.

Source is the beginning, the end, the middle, and it is everything as you were made out of source. You are a part of source, yet source does not control you, source does not interfere with you, source does not order you.

You can see yourself in so many ways, but in the beginning you are one and in the end you are one.

You all came into being from that same oneness and you will all return to that same oneness.

The Journey in between is unique for each person.

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