Today we speak of the energies that are upon you.

Before the shift there was a lot happening within and outside the human consciousness. There was a need to raise the frequency of the human consciousness to a new level. This was done through taking out a lot of negative energies from the human consciousness and place it outside the human consciousness.

Many think that as they have awareness, consciousness, experiences, all that is present is having awareness, consciousness and experiences.

Many try to find a purpose, a higher guidance beyond themselves to explain and find purpose for their actions and reactions within their own experiences.

As we have introduced you to the coming into being, we are now speaking of becoming conscious.

Each being is birthed through source; source itself is not conscious, not self-aware in any way, just a great cloud of energy following the natural flow within the great vast space and within itself.

The moment you understand source you will see more of the truth.

Source is the beginning, the end, the middle, and it is everything as you were made out of source. You are a part of source, yet source does not control you, source does not interfere with you, source does not order you.

For this subject we have to again go back through your understanding of time to the time of creation of your being.

Once created you are ready to explore and there are many worlds to explore.

I would like to explain more about this subject today as there is much confusion about the consciousness of humans, conscious awareness and many more forms of consciousness as well as of course the Oneness everyone is talking about.

The moment a being, soul, comes into existence, they become a consciousness.

As we have spoken about the human consciousness before, we now speak about the clearing of the human consciousness.

We have already explained that just sending light energy into the human consciousness does not mean the human consciousness is clearing, it is only compressing the dark and heavy energies.

Each being connected into this human consciousness is responsible for its own clearing, wouldn’t this make sense. You cannot clear another’s consciousness.

Have any of you ever looked at the human consciousness as it is around your earth at this time?

Let me ask my messenger to explain her experience as she travels through the spirit world.

Understanding the world of the Sorcerer is related to what you are all here for.

To understand the world of the Sorcerer you have to understand the past.

The Sorcerers goals is to work impeccable within intent using the spirit as the guiding hand.

Many channels are channeling in a different way but the starting point is the same. A message is sent from someone that is not on earth at this moment and depending upon the dimension they reside in within this moment the message is being sent to the channel from that dimensional frequency.

Now this does not mean the being sending the message is only within that frequency as sometimes the beings will lower themselves into the lower dimensional frequency to reach the channel if needed.

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