As we move closer to 12-12 and the Christmas celebration we would like to give you some information about this new gateway and its connection to the Christed/Christmas Energies.

The Twelve Spirits of Christmas and the 12-12 gate are a way to find your service upon the earth and the connection to many spirits that are here to support you in this service.

As more channelers are coming, the message of love is becoming more and more adjusted to make you feel that you are within the divine path.

As we look in the past at the story of Jesus, you ask yourself, you try to convince yourself in many ways that he was the representation of love.

Difficult question isn’t it? Especially with the many messages out there.

My husband asked me the same question last night.

The answer is that the earth is going to ascend into a non-physical dimension. This does not mean there will not be physical dimensions though.

8-8-8 The Lions Gate.

On this day we will have a special activation with Akhenaton and Amon Ra.

You might have heard about them; their names are usually connected to Egypt. 
The work of these beings goes beyond Egypt, as far back as Lemuria and even before that.

I welcome you and I am here to assist you towards Ascension of yourself and the planet Earth.

We are all here gathered together to give you the knowledge you need to accomplish this special process of ascension into the 5th dimension that is happening on your planet right now.

Together with Sananda, Isis and Melchizedek, I have been working on making more information available in a way that is practical to use for your process towards your ascension.

Messages and information are our main goal but we would like to provide you with something that you can actually use on a daily base if you like to.