It is a very small step as you have been told you are divine, creators, Gods and more.

You have all the wisdom within you.

However once you proclaim you are a creator, god, divine and have all the wisdom, you are encountering another step that is being used to control.

When you are awakening it becomes more difficult to decide between real and not real.

There are many messages out there and within their message they will say two things. Do not worry about what is happening around you, all the chaos, wars and despair, all that is bad, is not real. It may seem real to you, but realize they are just plays of souls, playing out their lives upon earth.

This is something that might surprise you, but when you lose the need to express yourself as a light worker you have reached a new level within.

When you have lost the need to express your loving kindness for all, you have reached a new level within.

Spiritual awakening is a concept related to awakening certain parts within you.

What many experience first is the fact that they are more than just human, they are a spiritual being, an energetic being.

This is where the journey of awakening begins.

New energies is what you call them, changing energies, something is going to happen, something is going to change, the lunar eclipse is going to make a difference, is going to make a change within the energy upon earth.

Special times, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, full moon and more.

As we have introduced you to the coming into being, we are now speaking of becoming conscious.

Each being is birthed through source; source itself is not conscious, not self-aware in any way, just a great cloud of energy following the natural flow within the great vast space and within itself.

We always wonder, you ask questions, you have been going within, but you are not looking for real solutions, as the one solution is already present.

You have all had so many lifetimes upon earth, and yet you come back each time, starting all over on your path of awakening.

To begin, you must open up the four body system and keep it clear and open to receive God/Source. This comes from inner awareness of all four bodies. You must understand everything about each of them so you can know when something is asking for release. Become the Master of the Four Body system…complete the final stage of the Planetary Ascension.

As you learn to let go of the past ways, and begin to live with greater flexibility and to move more freely and fluidly into the 4th dimension from the 3rd Dimensional realities…you can begin to access real time guidance from your higher Selves and the Ascended Masters. This is because everything throughout creation – including the God/Source is changing, evolving, and expanding from moment to moment.

In this time where information is needed to complete the process of ascension for the earth and all upon her, we wonder why so many of you have not found a way within to find more answers.

We see so many relying upon the information that is coming out, but they are mostly relying upon information that confirms your beliefs at this time. Messages that give you the “feel good” feeling about yourself.

The clues that are within your history, even though much of it is convoluted by many, are present even at this time.

History is repeating itself in a way that much of the information available at this moment is being convoluted by many as they are not able to see beyond the outside of their being as well as not able to see within their own being.

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