Nov 21, 2011

The 24 Elohim

I have received information about the Elohim before starting about 2 years ago.

The last one I received was when they were called the Ane Hi Yar, or the frequency changers.

After writing about the one thing we need for the awakening of humanity it came to me that we all have different roles within this process.

Some are just meant to ride the waves, while others are here to actively be present during the waves, and even others are here to actively work with the waves to bend them in the right direction.

The earth came into being trillions of years ago, and came out of pure Source as it adjusted to the energies around her.
In the beginning of her existence there were no dimensions, no different realities, she just was.
She was a ball of fire, of energy that slowly became physical in appearance.

I was thinking about it this afternoon, and suddenly the answer was clear.

But how to explain it was not.

So let me just give it a try.

What is the Law of One?

It is simple, be in perfect harmony within yourself, this allows for perfect harmony with everything and anything in the universe.

The Law of One is everywhere, in every universe, including yours.

As you know, not every being will abide by the Law of One, there is free will, free choice.

Mar 19, 2009

24 Creator Gods

All created different universes and different races.

Once of these Creator God's is Lord Melchizedek.

They created many lines of races, only a few of these races were able to retain full conscious awareness during the evolutionary cycles. All other races lost it along the way at different times.

Our human line was created by the Melchizedek Creator to assist those races that lost full consciousness and were willing to re-evolve to catch up with their original time line of evolution. They would re-evolve and return to their home planets and their own race line to assist the ones there with what they learned here on earth. So they could evolve once again.

Today I got these questions and I asked the Ancient Ones to answer them through me.

I would like to ask you my last question, last thing which IAM a bit confused about: in some books I´ve read that in order to ascend, it is really not our choice, we have to prepare ourselves of course, but we have to wait for the moment and we have to even discard the desire for the process itself. Also, that we have to be humble, that to be strong is not the right way, for "who is strong minded and feel powerful in everyday life will not merge with God. “In some other publications, and also I got the feeling from this message that it is quite the contrary. It should be us who has to take full control of our life’s and to work consciously toward the planetary and cosmic ascension. I am really confused if the longing for ascension, the desire itself is wrong or not. If I have to surrender completely to the power of the universe, and "only" make peace within myself and meditate in order to merge with my Higher self?

I would like to provide more information about the 13 Gates.

As many of you may know, these Gates are part of the ascension process.

We have already told you that many have gone through these Gates in previous life times. Most of you up until the 10th Gate.

The process of going through the Gates has been changed for everyone that is physically incarnated on your planet earth at this time.

First we would like to tell you that those looking for the 13th skull will be disappointed. It is not time for the 13th skull to be found yet. But even though the 13th skull is on hiding right now, it will start working with your planet and the people upon it.

The 13th gate will be opened on a special day for our channel.

February 20, 2008.

The initiation into the 13th gate will start soon after this.

What does this mean for you and your planet?

I am here today to explain more about the Female Goddess Power.

This is what we call it today, we used to call it the Creation and Birth.

What you call the Male energies today was called the Visionary Creative energy.

The Creative energy was used to envision and the Creation energy was used to birth the envisioned creation.

We will use the names Female Goddess Power and Male God visionary energies for now.

In the beginning there was balance between these two energies as you all know, simply because we have no duality in spirit.