As we move closer to 12-12 and the Christmas celebration we would like to give you some information about this new gateway and its connection to the Christed/Christmas Energies.

The Twelve Spirits of Christmas and the 12-12 gate are a way to find your service upon the earth and the connection to many spirits that are here to support you in this service.

I would like to give you a bit more information about 12-12 and a meditation that can help you in opening up to these energies more consciously.

12-12 is the date where you start setting your intent to open up more consciously to what is happening to you and your planet.

This is also the day where you and the planet will start releasing fear of not being good enough, not good enough to deserve anything. All you are and ever will be is a servant of others.

And as a servant you don’t deserve or need anything but what others are willing to give you.

There are many ways of serving others and none of them is at a cost to yourself.

12-12 is the most important date of this year. A lot of you have been involved in the other dates like 11-11 being the biggest one so far.

12-12 is where you are setting your INTENT.

The INTENT to ascend in the year 2010.

You have all been focusing on the year 2012 as an ascension point, we are telling you now that it is possible to ascend earlier than this.

All you have to do is open up to the energies coming in on 12-12 of this year 2007.