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Lightworker World Forum was created on October 18, 2016.

The reason we created this forum is to have an open discussion about as many spiritual subjects as possible, but also to create a space where fear of words can be left behind.

Words are an expression, a tool, a way to describe, yes the words might hurt you in some way, as your spiritual and physical reality is not fully open to explore all possibilities of merging the physical and spiritual reality. If you accept the fear of words you are giving into a reality that is not in line with who you truly are. You are giving up your reality for an illusion in a world where words are the tool to learn, teach and awaken parts within us that do not fear words, but see through the words into the real reality that lies just behind our own true being. Fear, fear of words, will always be a roadblock in finding your True Self.

In the Spiritual reality it might seem easier to understand what the words mean, but decoding the energies behind words, or even just decoding the energies of our own thoughts is something we have not done for a long time.

We have ignored the spiritual reality for many lifetimes, and this might be one of the first lifetimes where we are bringing our spiritual reality truly back online so to speak.

This is why this forum was created to have that open discussion as fear of words seems to become the “word of the day”.

We hope you join us, to share your thoughts and words about what is happening on earth, what is happening with you, and how we see the merging of the spiritual reality with our physical reality in our life and upon earth.

As we are moving up on the spiral of evolution, even though it may seem we have hit rock bottom upon earth. Earth and our universe are going through the up and down movement of the spiral of evolution, spiritual awareness and frequency bands of our universe.

This is a strange phenomenon, almost unexplainable, but if we look at the past and the amazing groups that have come before us, prepared the way for us, as they were moving down the spiral. I think we owe it to our self and our spiritual part to explore, learn and continue the awakening and merging of our spiritual and physical reality of what we are, that was and is why we are moving up the spiral once again.

I hope many will join us on this journey as we prepare, learn, and teach our self and others and move once again into a reality where we can be what we were before we came to this earth.



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About the book

In this e-book you will find a collection of all the messages I have received over the years from the Ascended Masters, as well as some of my own personal experiences and experiences from some others that had their implants removed.

Many have asked where to start, well this is it, I have put together some packages that will get you started on a spiritual and physical journey of awakening into a spiritual being living a physical experience upon earth.

This is the path of awakening that many have followed, the Egyptians, The Essenes, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, but also the Buddhist and many other religions. All looking for Enlightment, Spiritual Freedom and Awakening into the New Cosmic Consciousness.

We start with clearings, and clearing implants is the most important one.

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Ascended Masters World is here for you, as a resource in your personal spiritual path and journey.

Let me take a moment to explain a little of what is the purpose behind the work.

Working in communication with the Ascended Masters and Source, we offer specific spiritual activations, clearings, and more, which the Ascended Masters have explained and shown to be pivotal in spiritual progress.

Since you are already a spiritual being also having a physical experience, incarnation, you already are all that. So the masters say that all that has to be done now, at this time, then, is the connection, the connecting, building those energetic pathways which allow your spirit to flow in to you, and to feel that you as well are flowing in to your spirit.

This is the focus of our work, and this is the principle that the Ascended Masters are maintaining behind the work. Everything that we are offering to you, the masters have attested to, and we have seen ourselves, actually on ourselves first, and with many others now, that energetic designs and systems within our human body have been changed.


A little bit about me. I have been a channel for the Ascended Masters for most of mylife, I have been teaching with the Ascended Masters since 2007. It has been a journey for me and my family, as we continue on the path of Cosmic Ascension in this lifetime. I hope You enjoy reading all the messages I have received over the years. Including some of my personal experiences during this time of transformation and spiritual awakening. It has been an amazing time and more is yet to come. Hope to see you here often, and maybe in one of our workshops or our Lightworker World Forum.



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