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18. Anchor the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood

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18. Anchor the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood

September 3, 2018 @ 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm EDT

18. Anchor the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood
Kabbalistic Ascension Activations for cosmic ascension.

These activations contain many ancient codings that used to be part of our energy fields1. The sixty-four Keys of Enoch on solar, galactic, universal, multi-universal, and cosmic levels in all five sacred languages.

2. Anchor the Deca Delta Light emanations from the ten Light Superscripts of YHWH.

  1. 3. Anchor the fifty chakras, the twelve bodies, and the Melchizedek diamonds and crystals.
  2. 4. Anchor the Nogan shells of YHWH on a permanent basis.
  3. 5. Anchor the divine template and the Light grid of the Elohim permanently.
  4. 6. Anchor YHWH’s Tablets of Creation.
  5. 7. Anchor the cosmic Torah Or of YHWH.
  6. 8. Anchor the scriptures of Melchizedek.
  7. 9. Anch the scriptures of Metatron.
  8. 10. Anchor the Elohim scriptures.
  9. 11. Anchor the Light packets of the higher Kabbalah of YHWH and Melchizedek.
  10. 12. Anchor the cosmic Tree of Life permanently; open all Sephiroth.
  11. 13. Anchor the seventy-six sacred names of Metatron and YHWH.
  12. 14. Anchor YHWH’s living energy codes‘.
  13. 15. Anchor YHWH’s Book of Knowledge.

16. Anchor the codes of the Holy Spirit as described in The Keys of Enoch.

  • 17. Anchor the scrolls of weights and measures.

18. Anchor the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood.

  • 19. Anchor the highest triad of Sephirothic knowledge.
  • 20. Anchor the divine seed of the Elohim.
  • 21. Anchor the keys to the Father, Son, and Shekinah universes.
  • 22. Anchor the biological codes for the Christ race.
  • 23. Anchor the scriptures of the luminaries.

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September 3, 2018
10:00 pm - 11:00 pm EDT
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